VOTE [exhibit]

VOTE | a group show of one word


On view October 13 – November 15 , 2018

Art reception on October 20th  Saturday 6 – 8:30 pm

EBK Gallery .
218 Pearl St.
Hartford, CT



There is an election this November 6th.
And it also happens to be one of the most important in U.S. history.

EBK Gallery is excited to present a very timely exhibit that will run during this most important election.

The exhibit is a group show of one word: vote, a most powerful word.
A word that is an act, a symbol, an object, a possession, a weapon, a wish. It is a super power.

On view will be new work by selected artists who have each created an artwork of the word “Vote”.
Given the visibility of the gallery from the street it seemed obvious to have a show like this running during the mid-term elections.
Rather than being a reactionary or activist based exhibit, the word “vote” has a unifying civic intent to it. Consequently each artist has their own way to express the nature of this word, and what it means to them from their perspective.



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Hartford Courant article by : Susan Dunne (click here)

New Haven Arts Paper article by : Lucy Gellman (click here)

Thoughts from artist Gil Scullion

EBK Gallery at 218 Pearl Street in Hartford is hosting an exhibition of artworks that eschew the usual interpretive ambiguities and subtleties associated with art. Titled “VOTE”, the show features work by Erik Williams, Tim Wengertsman, Peter Waite, Rita Valley, Adam Niklewicz, Peter Kirkiles, Joe Bun Keo, Lindsey Fyfe, Ellise Chevarria, Felice Caivano, and David Borawski each of whom urges the exercise of American’s Constitutional right to voice their opinions and select their leaders. Scheduled only weeks before the 2018 mid-term elections this exhibition is less an exploration of contemporary aesthetic issues than it is a call to action on the part of the artistic community. Voting is probably the single most important act performed by a citizen…  (Read More)



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