Tim Wengertsman | Painting
"The Last Supper in Hartford" live painting project


On view August 1- September 13 , 2015

Art reception Saturday evening September 12th, 6 – 8:30pm

EBK Gallery [small works].
218 Pearl St.
Hartford, CT


tim w eric gallery pic 2During the summer (August to September 2015) Hartford Artist Tim Wengertsman will be creating a 22 foot canvas painting, a variation based on his wonderful woodcut piece, “The Last Supper in Hartford”. The project will be in full view from street side as it evolves from a blank canvas into a finished piece with an art reception on September 12th. This project came about through conversations with Tim on how awesome it would be to produce a large scale work while people watched it materialize right in front of them. Part commission part installation and part performance, it’s such a great example of the creative mind in action!

What’s special about this project is that it really is rare to find artists who can capture that punk vibe and subculture without having it end up on a tee shirt, a poster or a CD cover not that those aren’t cool too, but to see it large and loud.

The canvas is dense, and rich with personal symbols and allegories. Filled with images surrounding the artist’s history and the friends who share it. Presenting your pals as punk icons and saints is both absurd and an act of private reverence toward those friendships and bonds. Ironically the whole piece is also a most spirited form of irreverence. As in Punk. Most people think the punk thing is all about anti-establishment and bad attitude, not so. Sometimes it is, but most of the time it’s about calling bullshit on the self-righteous who’ve got theirs and…being good with being different. Yeah, there’s some misfits (as in compliment) out there. Dig that.
– E. B. K.



“This painting is based on that iconic image of the Last Supper. It both documents the history of my life, friends and experiences in the city of Hartford.  All of the people in the piece are friends that I hang out with or used to hang out with when a crew of us tried to get something starting in Hartford, when there was nothing there for us. This is also super personal, every image big to small has meaning and represents a time, a person or a feeling in my life. Without our history we are nothing. Parts of my history might not be good but they are still represented in this piece.

It is a piece that is both about our history, as well as suggesting (and begging) for social change in the city and in our society. It is an image that represents, no matter how poor you are, you can still make a change, make a difference and have a good fucking time doing it. Each one of these people is important to me and has and will continue to do amazing things in their lives. You can live a life not living by society’s standards, which is what every person in this piece has done. Through the years, we have all changed but we still fight to maintain identities that are true to ourselves. Life isn’t only about money and status. I’m not trying to tell people what life should be about. Challenge the norm, challenge the system.” -Tim


Tim Wengertsman "The Last Supper In Hartford"

Tim Wengertsman
“The Last Supper In Hartford”
22′ x 8′
acrylic on canvas
photo credit: Justin O’Brien


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