Genevieve May | Paintings

On view May 3 – May 31, 2017

Art reception on May 5th  Friday 6 – 8:30 pm

EBK Gallery [small works].
218 Pearl St.
Hartford, CT


EBK Gallery is pleased to present the work by the young and rising artist Genevieve May.


“When I paint, I want to show the traits that are overlooked or unappreciated in someone’s character. I want to honor and explore these things so they can be noticed. I find people to be powerful so I paint those who intrigue me and try to understand why they intrigue me. I want my paintings to stare you in the eyes and make you wonder what they’re thinking. I want to be challenged and intimidated by my subject so I can learn something about myself too. We are lovable, complicated, compassionate, angry, sad, jealous, hypocritical, scared, terrible, greedy, wonderful, patient, strong, talented, beautiful, intelligent, foolish, weak, judgmental, selfless, lying,  forgiving and wise animals. We are interesting regardless of where we’ve been or who we know or what we do every day. People need to pay attention to each other and magnify the truth in what they see and be ok with it. I paint people that affect me, that is all.”



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