Ed Potokar | Sculpture Sonãre

On view July 7 – July 19, 2015

Art reception is on Saturday July 11th  6-8:30pm (artists will be performing)

EBK Gallery [small works].
218 Pearl St.
Hartford, CT

“This is just amazing! I open the door and walk in the gallery. It’s as if I find myself literally standing in Klee’s drawing of Twittering Machines! I love being reminded what art, is.” – E.B.K.

Ed Potokar, the son of a Latin Jazz and Polka drummer, Edward Potokar started his art, design and musical career as a curious adolescent in Cleveland. He created homemade instruments as a teen and later mastered his skills at The Cleveland Institute of Art, where he earned a BFA. While there, he joined his first band and played a custom welded steel drum kit with hammers and grinders. Potokar then began inventing and fabricating unique musical instruments, affectionately known as the “boxes.” These analog synthesizers helped create a signature sound and serve as the foundation for the renowned punk/funk/art/metal/wave musical group, the Audio Artists. After moving to NYC, he founded MUSIC FOR TV, a successful downtown Manhattan music production house, and wrote the theme music for MTV’s “Unplugged.” He also toured with groups in North and South America and Europe, as well as playing locally. Potokar has created his own line of high-end ribbon microphones called Potofones, and has designed and built custom homes and designer furniture.

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Ed Potokar


Sculpture Installation and performance
Long House Reserve and Sculpture Park
East Hampton, New York
summer 2015

Featured on the Today show, interview and live performance NYC
NBC national broadcast
Spring 2015

Performance and Demonstration
Pioneer space
Brooklyn, New York
Spring 2015

Finalist and winner “most unusual instrument”
Georgia Tech musical instrument competition
Atlanta, Georgia
Winter 2015

Art or Sound
Group exhibition
Prada Foundation
Venice, Italy
Summer/fall 2014

Sound Wall Performance and Installation
Long House Reserve and Sculpture Park
East Hampton, New York
Spring/summer 2014

Duo Exhibition and Performances
Furnished Sound
Firehouse Space Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Spring 2014

Performance and Demonstration
Weird Wednesdays unique musical instruments
Brooklyn, New York
Spring 2014

Semifinalist and Performer
Georgia Tech musical instrument competition
Atlanta, Georgia
Winter 2014

Performance and Instrument Workshop
Rebirth of the Stumpf Fiddle
Fleischmans, New york
Summer 2013

Solo Exhibition and Performances
Orphic Gallery
Roxbury, New York
Summer 2013

Sound Wall Sculpture Installation
CB2 store
SOHO, New York City
Spring 2013

Sound Wall TV Performance and Demonstration
VH1 and NY1
National and New York
Winter 2013

 Live Broadcast Performance
Art On Air – Clock Tower Gallery
New York City
Winter 2013

Solo Exhibition and Performance
Sound Wall 
House Projects Gallery
SOHO New York City
Winter 2013


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