David Borawski | "BLOWN AWAY"

On view January 5 – January 31, 2018

Art reception on January 13th  SATURDAY 6 – 8:30 pm

EBK Gallery [small works].
218 Pearl St.
Hartford, CT


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EBK Gallery is pleased to show new work by the artist David Borawski. Known for his engaging and provocative conceptual video and installation pieces, Borawski never fails to engage the viewer with each new idea he brings to life. 



Two large digital image pieces that grapple with our current fears as seen through the 3D lens of past historical events.

The historic mushroom-shaped cloud and water column from the underwater Baker nuclear explosion of July 25, 1946, becomes the subject of “One for tomorrow, one just for today.” The digitally altered image, all evidence of test ships and human observers has been removed, shifts focus to our current situation, yet another game of chicken that could devastate the earth as we know it. The culture of fear as weapon of choice.

The title of the piece and the exhibition come from the song “Love Me Two Times” by the Doors.

The second piece, “Not looking for a new way to die” is a digitally altered news image, an aerial view of the New Haven green during the 1970 May Day rally in support of the Black Panther Party trials taking place. The crowd looks away from the impending disaster of the explosion. The title comes from a song by the Stone Temple Pilots, “Tumble in the Rough”, “I can’t eat –  I can’t sleep –  I can’t live – I can’t cry – I can’t die – I can’t walk – I can’t talk”. -DB



Operation Crossroads was a pair of nuclear weapon tests conducted by the United States at Bikini Atoll in mid-1946. They were the first nuclear weapon tests since Trinity in July 1945, and the first detonations of nuclear devices since the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. The purpose of the tests was to investigate the effect of nuclear weapons on warships.

Bikini’s native residents agreed to evacuate the island, and were evacuated on board the LST-861, with most moving to the Rongerik Atoll. In the 1950s, a series of large thermonuclear tests rendered Bikini unfit for subsistence farming and fishing because of radioactive contamination. Bikini remains uninhabited as of 2015, though it is occasionally visited by sport divers. Planners attempted to protect participants in the Operation Crossroads tests against radiation sickness, but one study showed that the life expectancy of participants was reduced by an average of three months. The Baker test’s radioactive contamination of all the target ships was the first case of immediate, concentrated radioactive fallout from a nuclear explosion. Chemist Glenn T. Seaborg, the longest-serving chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, called Baker “the world’s first nuclear disaster.”


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CV / Resume

David Borawski

Solo Exhibitions (selected):

2018       Blown Away, EBK Gallery, Hartford, CT.

2016       Blast, EBK Gallery, Hartford, CT. (March)

2016       Wicked Garden, Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT.  (March)

2015      Sell Me Down the River, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

2014      God Save Your Mad Parade, New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT.

2013      At the Start of the End of History, ArtWalk, Hartford, CT
              In the Next Worlds Fair, The Orison Project, Essex, CT.

2012      Somewhere Between Support and Collapse, Elon University, Elon, NC.

2011      The Other Side, Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2009      Goes Around Comes Around, Artspace, New Haven, CT.
              Born to Win, Ford Gallery, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI.

2007      Learn to Forget, Olin Gallery, W & J College, Washington, PA.

2002      Strange Days, Samuel T. Chen Gallery, C.C.S.U, New Britain, CT.

1998      Redivider, NewSpace Gallery, M.C.C., Manchester, CT.

1997      Twist and Crawl, Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA.

1992      Recent Allegations, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.



Group Exhibitions (selected):

2018     Curmudgeon, Odetta Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, NY. (June)
             Equators, Space Gallery, Portland, ME. [collab with Tnmot Aztro Dance Co.] (July)

2017      Align-able Angles, Schelfhaudt Gallery, Univ of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT.
              Cool and Collected, Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex, CT.
              Present Danger, Hewitt Gallery, Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY.
              Mincing Words, Institute Library Gallery, New Haven, CT.
              Alternative Facts, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT.

2016      MIEJSCE. A Place, Galeria Foksal, Warsaw, Poland.

2015      Violent Nature, Dehn Gallery, Manchester, CT.

              Borawski, Fusigna, Roleke, Space B, Brooklyn, NY.

2014     CT(un)bound, Artspace, New Haven, CT.

             TEMPEST, The Institute Library, New Haven, CT.

2013    Road Trip, work-detroit, Detroit, MI.

            7th Water Tower Arts Festival, SAMCA, Sofia, Bulgaria.

2012    Illuminated Universe, Artspace, New Haven, CT.

            Seen/Unseen, Wiseman Gallery, Rogue College, Grants Pass, OR.

2011    I Think It’s Conceptual!, John Slade Ely Art Center, New Haven, CT.

            Lightworks 2011, Grimsby Minster, Grimsby, United Kingdom.

2010    PixelPops! V6, outdoor locations in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ.

            What If? 60 X 60, Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA.

            Magmart, PAN Screening Program, Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Italy.

2009    Liquid, Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery, MCC, Manchester, CT.

2007    Lineal Investigations, Housatonic Museum, Bridgeport, CT.

            50,000 Beds, Aldrich Museum/Real Art Ways/Artspace, CT. (catalogue).

            Furious: The Angry Show, Eyebeam, Atlanta, GA.

            Visual Noise, UMC Gallery, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

2006     The Studio Visit, Exit Art, New York, NY.

2005     Innocent Beauty-Lolita, AG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

            Other America, Exit Art, New York, NY.

            Capturing Utopia, Fournos Centre for Digital Culture, Athens, Greece.

2000     Chance Future, Artpool Art Research Center. Budapest, Hungary.

             Künstlerbanknoten, Museum für Moderne Kunst Weddel, Weddel, Germany,

1999     All Mimsy Were the Borogoves, ABC No Rio, New York, NY.

1998    Disappearing Act, Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York, NY.

            Material World, Spaces, Cleveland, OH.

1996    Copiacabana Project, MEIAC, Badajoz, Spain.

            New Work ’96, ARTSPACE, New Haven, CT. (Bill Arning, juror).


Benefit and Open Exhibitions (selected):

2011    Exchange with Sol LeWitt, MassMoca, North Adams, MA.

2010    Instructions for Initial Conditions, Drift Station, Lincoln, NE.

2006    Post It, Atkinson Gallery, Southport, United Kingdom.

2004/14 Postcards From the Edge, Visual Aids Benefit, New York, NY.

2002    Free Manifesta, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

1994    The First Fundraising Event, American Fine Arts Co., New York, NY.

            Benefit Exhibition and Auction, The New Museum, New York, NY.



2014       Hartford Business Development Grant for Artists, Hartford, CT.

2012       Hartford Arts & Heritage Jobs Grant, Hartford, CT.                                                     

2008       New Boston Fund Individual Artist Fellowship, GHAC, Hartford, CT.

2001       Connemara Conservancy Foundation, Dallas, TX. (with Gil Scullion).


Curatorial Projects (selected):

2015       Tempest, The Institute Library, New Haven, CT.

2013       Shifting Territories, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford, CT.

               MAINIFOLD, The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT.

2012       OVERHEAD UNDER FOOT, John Slade Ely Art Center, New Haven, CT.

               RIDE, The Dirt Salon, Hartford, CT.

               X5, ATOM Space @ EViSIONFEST, Hartford, CT.

               NOW ON, ATOM Space, Hartford, CT.

               AS IT EVER WAS, ATOM Space, Hartford, CT.

2010       Guest Juror, Step-Up, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

2001       ANYMORE, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

1999       DD-MM-YY, alternative space, Hartford, CT.

1998       Tick Tick Tick, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.

1997       Twister, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT.


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