Michael Rice “Amplified_v1”



Michael Rice
spray paint on panel
48″ x 112″

price on request


“In an age where the lines between the digital and physical worlds continue to blur, our grasp on reality is blurring as well. Finding himself at the intersection of these contrasting worlds, it is here, at the center of what visual artist Michael Rice calls the “push-pull,” that he and his work reside. 

Deploying retro-modern abstractions–meant to disorient and engage the viewer in an almost relentless fashion–Rice’s work aims to reflect our world’s dichotomous transformation and provide perspective on the emergence of a new paradigm. 

Rooted in 80’s and 90’s counterculture, and heavily influenced by today’s technological landscape, Rice’s style transcends genres and evokes a unique aesthetic that glides from nostalgic to futuristic, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.”  –M.R.


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