Jon Eastman “Monochromatics”


  • Poetic

  • Heliocentric

  • Futuristic

  • Biomorphic

  • Autobiographic

  • Pointillistic

  • Emphatic

  • Stoic

  • Aeronautic


Jon Eastman
“14 x 14” ea

available individually or in muliples
price on request



Ply/Would Series:  Monochromatics

Jon Eastman is a Bloomfield, CT  based mixed media artist and has been exhibiting his evolving body of work for 25 years

“The work presented here for EBK’s  Inside-Out  project are selections from my ongoing Ply/Would Series (2011-present);   I’m referring to this set as (the)  Monochromatics.

I’ve always been interested in things that defy gravity– in the air, on the ground, etc;   I like to use that premise when I’m constructing   my wall sculptures.

Not 3D, yet not exactly  2D, they are somewhere in between;  the white  forms emerge rather triumphantly  from a black surface and into the air.

Although abstract in nature, the compositions suggest a variety of things–architecture in particular.”


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