Robert Morris | EBK Gallery [at The Grove January/February 2013]

Robert Morris | Exhibition Archive: January/February 2013


[singlepic id=654 w=300 h=225 float=right]In collaboration with The Grove business/design working space New Haven, E B K Gallery will be curating and producing changing shows of artwork by Connecticut and regional artists. Stop in for a visit. The folks at the grove are always accommodating and are pleased to welcome inquiries of the artwork.

During January and February of 2013 on view, were selected works by Connecticut artist Robert Morris. For current availability please link to the artist’s page below.




Paintings and Drawings


“Critics have commented about the images and tones and ideas of photography that are so evident in Robert Morris’s paintings, and I hope it won’t startle him if I suggest that he is also a writer’s artist. It seems to me that his obsessions, his crowded and conflicting images and jokes and snapshots and juxtapositions, his illogical but precise blur of history and celebrity, machinery and nutriment, war and pets, anxiety and unobservance, represent the same concerns that preoccupy many contemporary novelists and short-story writers, who are doing their best (as we are all doing our best) with the daily clutter that assaults and exhausts our attention, with our fragmented imagination, and with our piercing, ungovernable memories.”  Roger Angell

Artist’s Page

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