Kevin Ferreira | EBK Gallery [at The Grove March/April 2013]

Kevin Ferreira | Exhibition Archive: March/April 2013)


[singlepic id=769 w=275 h=300 float=right]In collaboration with The Grove business/design working space New Haven, EBK Gallery will be curating and producing changing shows of artwork by Connecticut and regional artists. Stop in for a visit. The folks at the grove are always accommodating and are pleased to welcome inquiries of the artwork. The Grove is located at 71 Orange St, New Haven, CT.

During March and April (maybe a little of May too) on view, will be selected works by Connecticut artist Kevin Ferreira, all of which are for purchase. The images are digital prints using archival ink either on canvas or archival canson art paper.


Kevin Ferreira

About the Artist

Influenced by classic animation, philosophy, and fine art, Ferreira’s artwork is a delightful blend of strange thinking and light-hearted design. He approaches his thoughts with an untamed imagination in order to create interesting works of art.
On approaching his art he said, “I like to take an idea, pull it out of my head, push it out of the realm of existence, spin it around, put it back into the depths of the earth, and then dig it up to see what I find.”
I spend hours and days thinking, and then weeks and months creating fine art prints. Then, from the hundreds of prints I make every year, I take a few select ones and turn them into acrylic or oil paintings. In a way it’s kind of like working backwards from the norm because the prints come first.
KCF grew up in central Connecticut, USA creating works of art since the time he was three. After attending the New York Film Academy, serving in the U.S Military, and working at an Aerospace Laboratory, he continues to expose his artwork to the world.




“What I like about these is that the artist creates and composes always from the computer; that’s his medium.
You think you might be familiar with some of the images already but not so with a closer look.
There’s this Darwin thing going on in his images that I can’t put my finger on nor do I want to. Some kind of digital biology.
The colors are vibrant and alive and attractive to the point of naive playfulness and yet, the compositions of space and form and color are very intelligent ”


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