Eve Olitski | EBK Gallery [October 19-December 20, 2012]

Eve Olitski
“Naked Ladies With Things on Their Heads!”

Artist: Eve Olitski- Title: Yellow Bird on Curly Hair- medium: pen and watercolor- size: 6 x 8 - [SOLD]

During October 19 to November 21 (extended til December 20th), on view in the gallery will be an exhibit of pen and watercolors by artist Eve Olitski. This group of drawing/paintings are the latest stream of lively images that Eve has been creating. Being the daughter of famed abstract expressionist Jules Olitski, art has been part of Eve’s DNA for all her life.
The images shown on this page (below) are the same as the actual pieces to be on view in the gallery during the exhibit. After the end of the exhibit you will be able to find a selection of these in the Artists section of this website.

A sad note to all. On November 5, 2012 Eve passed away unexpectedly. We mourn this news and know that her memory and her art will live with us everyday.

“…I love Klee and the German Expressionists and of course Matisse.
They all sit around on my work table and encourage me to go on and on and on.
Do this one they say, now do this one, try this, try that. They laugh and laugh…” 


 Some words about this series from the artist 


Article by Susan Dunne for the Hartford Courant

Article by Ann Hamilton for the Hartford Courant

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