George Chaplin | EBK Gallery [March 8-April 30, 2013]

George Chaplin | Exhibition Archive: March/April 2013

To be amazed is reward for the curious.
Standing before a work of art by George Chaplin is what is experienced when left alone a midst the sublime forces of nature. I’ve seen people look at one of his paintings, come close to dismissing it, only to realize they are in the presence of something to be wondered over and mystified by. Each artwork is a private dream.
I envy the satisfaction it must bring to have created these. Chaplin creates with the humility of someone who has so much to learn yet has transcended academic and technical knowledge, and has created the poetic experience in each of his paintings. Light becomes color, color becomes a sensation. A sensation that luminesces and lingers well after you have taken your eyes off one. Timeless I think…a hundred or so years from now these paintings will have
the same effect on those who are fortunate enough to see them.
There are many artists who are able to achieve a certain “spirituality” in creating their art. George Chaplin is one of the rare few who who can pass that on through his art, to those who stand before his paintings and feel the same.
-Eric Ben-Kiki

From March 8th to April 30th, 2013, on view and available, are selected pastels of George Chaplin. The work being shown is framed using “water white” non reflective museum glass giving the viewer a pristine image with no distortion. Additional pastels that are not on view in the gallery will be available for viewing by appointment and will be shown on George Chaplin’s artist page.





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